If this is your first time to our site and you're wondering if you should book Night Screamer (Est. 2009 in Hancock, MI) let me give you some solid, scientifically proven reasons why you absolutely should book a show with NS.
  • We are fun! Glowsticks, confetti cannons, bringing people on stage for sing alongs and audience participation are just a few of the items in our bag of tricks. (Check out our 'videos' tab to see what I mean).
  • You know our songs. We are your official fist pumpers of the Mid-West, we play the music that we all know and love. Want proof? "Whoa, we're halfway there, Whoa OH!...."¬† See?! YOU sang¬† the rest of 'Living on a Prayer'. Not us. You. Science!
  • We've opened for Great White, Warrant and Fran Cosmo of Boston.
  • We took FIRST PLACE in the Bay Area Battle of the Bands in 2011.
  • Night Screamer also won the Semi Final round of the Marquette, MI Battle of the Bands in May of 2014 and earned 2nd place in the final round in June, 2014.
  • We want your audience to be happy after a show, not deaf. As a band we are very in tune with the needs of the venue. If it's a smaller room, we adjust our PA and volume so we're not blowing the audience away.We can play extra long if needed. The core of Night Screamer are: Clint. Jared, Kristen, Jim and Poot but we also have our subs so in case one of us can't make the gig or we're playing all night (it happens and we love it!) we never have to cancel (Clint ALWAYS makes the gig by the way!) We have Chuck (lead guitar/vocals) who was with us for years!
Bottom line is if you need a band that will work the crowd and bring a party to life, Night Screamer is the band for you. If you're interested in booking the band, get a pen and write this number down; 1-906-370-0889. That is Clint's cell phone number and he will get back to you immediately, especially if you text because he always his phone with him.